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The Asia Study Abroad Program (ASAP), now in its 20th year, offers a comprehensive study abroad experience across multiple countries in Asia.  Students earn 12 to 15 semester hours of credit from Marist College, a fully accredited, residential college founded in 1929 on the banks of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, NY and committed to offering all students, both Marist students and those from other colleges and universities, the best international study experiences.   


Program quality, integrity of the academic experience, and personal and professional development are hallmarks of the ASAP experience.  Coursework is integrated with both company and embassy visits with ASAP students meeting and interacting with managers, business executives, and embassy personnel to gain a broad understanding of political, social, and economic forces shaping the Asian region.  A distinguishing and unique feature of ASAP is its regional rather than country focus.  Those attracted to ASAP want to learn to see the world from a macro perspective, to experience first-hand how economies, and thus people, are linked to each other in an international market.  



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